Fullerton Sings

FUHS Choral Music Studies



  • to build their voice to a level of competency which gives them confidence and enjoyment in singing practice & performance (Nat. Cont. Stnd. 1 / State Frmwrk 2.0)
  • to learn about music theory, music history,and sight singing in order to become better musicians and to improve the musical impact of the group (Nat. Cont. Stnd 3, 4, 5, and 9 / State Frmwrks 1.0, 3.0)
  • to learn to work together with others in a "team effort" and to share in the making of beautiful music together (Nat. Cont. Stnd 1, 7, 8 / State Frmwrks 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0)
  • to represent FUHS with pride and to enjoy the opportunity and responsibility of being an "Ambassador of Music" from FUHS to the community (Nat. Cont. Stnd. 8, 9 / State Frmwrks 5.0)


These are held prior to a major performance, and immediately before the major events on the state where the performance will take place. Attendance at all extra rehearsals is required in order to perform and therefore to pass the course. Rehearsals are closed, with only the concert participants and parent volunteers in attendance - please respect this policy. See the Choral Music Calendar for specific dates and times.


Each performance is the test of all we have been working on up to that point. A live performace is always a once-in-a-lifetime event...no two are ever exactly alike and once they are over they can never be repeated. Therefore, performances are very important , actually sacred events, to all choir members. You deserve the right to enjoy a good performance after you have worked hard and this can only happen when everyone is in their proper place and doing their job to the best of their ability. Attendance at all performances is mandatory and there are NO MAKEUPS...so don't even ask!


Students will be provided with folders that will be labeled with each student's name, choir & folder number. Students may take their music home for study and memorization, and must always have hteir music folder with them at all rehearsals (see grading policy). Students will use their folder as a portfolio of their year in choir. Programs, flyers, adjudications, journals & other portfolio items should be arranged neatly along with the music in the folders. More information on portfolios will be supplied in class.

Students will always have a pencil in class for daily writing in the music during rehearsals. YOU WILL USE PENCIL ONLY, NEVER PEN!!! It is impossible to write too much appropriate information in your music. All Choral Music students are provided a pencil and folder.

click here for the current course year's grading policy